Lyon & Trigg Counties, Kentucky

transcribed from xerox copy of Bible
by Rose-Anne Cunningham
December 20, 1997

Cover & Title Page: missing

New Testament Cover Page:

"New Testament
of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:
Translated Out Of
The Original Greek
And With The Former
Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.
New York:
American Bible Society.
Instituted in the Year MDCCXVI"


"Lewis E. Garnett and Alice E. Dunning was married Dec 9th, 1868"
"George F. Hemingway and Mollie E. Garnett were united in marriage by Rev. C.M. Drice (?sp) on the eighth of July 1891. How sweet is unity!"
"James W. Herbert and Mavis Claire Hemingway were united in marriage September 18, 1921 - Sunday 2 o'clock pm."
"James Herbert and Mavis were divorced in 1924"
"James Herbert died in Denison (Texas) in 1930"
"S.D. Gray and Lula Garnett were married May 23rd, 1886"
"Herbert LeRoy White and Mavis Claire Hemingway were married Feb. 20, 1932 - Saturday 8:30 PM"
"Mavis Claire White and Adolph Frederick Watson Macmanus were married April 2, 1949"
"Herbert LeRoy White died with heart attack in Dalhart, Texas, May 2, 1944"


"Lewis E. Garnett was Born March 30th, 1847"
"Alice E. Garnett was Born August 6th, 1852"
"Lunorah Garnett was Born October 11th, 1869"
"Mary Elizabeth Garnett was Born January 31st, 1873"
"George F. Hemmingway ws born March 10th 1868"
"Shadrack Dunning was Born March 12th 1812"
"Elizabeth Dunning was Born April 7th 1808"
"John D. Gray was born July 31st 1887"
"Effie Marie Hemmingway was born April 13th 1892"
"Garnett Hemmingway was born Nov.11th 1894"
"Mavis Claire Hemingway was born Jan 25th 1907"
"James W. Herbert born March 21, 1894 - Wednesday"
"Herbert Le Roy White born May 24, 1891"
"A.F. Watson Macmanus born May 8, 1908"


"Lewis E. Garnett departed this life feb the 5th 1875 in his 28th year.
verse in the Bible: there is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord"
"Alice Garnett departed this life September the 18th 1877 Age 25 years 1 Month and 12 days"
"Shade Dunning departed this life April 21st 1885, aged 73 years."
"Elizabeth Dunning died in 1895 at the age of 87"
"Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Garnett Hemingway died Sept. 13, 1948.
Note: The following information written in parenthesis:
"(Effie, Garnett & Mavis' mother)
(She would have been 76 on Jan 31, 1949)"

"Lula N. Gray died March 28th 1888 aged 18 yrs 6 mon 2 wks 3 da's"
"Garnett Hemmingway died Nov. 14th 1894, Age 4 da's.
Psalms: 'We know, oh Lord, that thy judgments are right and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted us'
"Effie Marie Hemingway died may 24th 1907, Age 15 years on month and eleven days"
"George F. Hemingway died April 26th 1930, Age 62 years, 1 month and sixteen days.
Note: The following information written in parenthesis:
:(Mavis, Garnett & Effie's father)"

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